North Ridge Pumps Ltd

Business Description

North Ridge Pumps are an independent Manufacturer and Distributor of pumps established since 1998. We have operated in a variety of industries handling fluids from seawater and Glycols, to Diesel, Grease, and fish waste working with customers to ensure pumps are specified according to their unique requirements, with pumps being Engineered Beyond customers Needs.

Due to our vast application experience we understand indiviudal processes, which pump technology is best suited for your application, and how to ensure longevity of pumps but also safeguard uptime during your process.

We have a variety of pumps from standard centrifugal pumps for clean water, seawater and fluids of low viscosity to reciprocating and rotary postiive displacement pumps for fuels, muds, fish waste, mince, sewage and complete fish.

Contact North Ridge Pumps to discuss your application at an early stage so we can ensure your pumping process is optimised for application longevity

Contact Details

Business Address

X-Cel House
Chrysalis Way
Eastwood, Nottinghamshire NG16 3RY
United Kingdom

Business Contact

Simon Hooton (Technical and Commercial Director)

Contact Information

Telephone 1: 01773 302 660

Business Sectors & Categories

Equipment Sector

  • Boat builders
    • Refits
    • Trawlers
    • Viviers
    • Wellboats
    • Workboats
  • Boats
    • Boat builders
    • Builders
    • Designers
    • Fabrication
    • Mooring services
    • Naval architects
    • Shipyards
    • Vessel Agents
  • Cleaning
    • Cleaning Equipment

  • Control systems
    • Aquaculture
  • Fish handling
    • Fish pumps
    • On board processing
    • On-board fish handling
  • Hardware
    • Pumps

  • Refrigeration
    • Vessel systems
  • Sectors Supplied
    • Fishing
    • Aquaculture
    • Processing
    • Services
  • Tanks / aquaria
    • Recirculation systems

Business Sectors & Categories

Processing Sector

  • Customer type
    • Fish fryers
  • Process
    • Bottling
    • Canning
    • Coatings (bread / batter / crumb)
  • Product type
    • Fresh fish/shellfish
    • Frozen fish/shellfish
    • Processed fish/shellfish

Business Sectors & Categories

Services Sector

  • Engineers
    • Consulting engineers
    • Fabrications
    • Refrigeration equipment
  • Processing equipment
    • Equipment design
  • Sectors Supplied
    • Fishing
    • Aquaculture
    • Processing
    • Equipment