Bjørn Haug AS

Business Description

Bjørn Haug AS is located at the address Oserødmyra 2, 3138 Skallestad, Norway. The company was created on the 20/11/1997 and registered on the 01/27/1998. We have been in the seafood business for more than 15 years .we work with the ocean to produce nutritious, delicious and supreme-quality seafood. We fulfill one fifth of global demand for farm-raised and wild caught Atlantic salmon,Greenland Halibut and many others.

We receive new catch at 15 cold store terminals in Norway daily and We are licensed to supply in Asia,America, Europe and China with our wide range of products and bespoke services. We have more than 15 years experience in the industry and complete MSC conformity making us a responsible and sustainable International Seafood Supplier.

Contact Details

Business Address

SKALLESTAD, Vestfold 3138

Business Contact

Jade Robert (sales Manager)

Contact Information

Telephone 1: +4723966636

Business Sectors & Categories

Aquaculture Sector

  • Cultivation method
    • Open water (cages)
    • Recirculation system
    • Suspended culture (shellfish)
    • Bouchots
    • Other
  • Product type
    • Fresh fish/shellfish
    • Frozen fish/shellfish