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Since 1990, A&V Refrigeration has been manufacturing heavy duty Industrial Ice Machines, which produces ice in scale or chipped pieces, also known as Cracked Ice. This type of ice is ideal for the fishing, seafood, meat, poultry, vegetable processing industries, industrial catering, chemical processing, concrete, and wholesale/retail food industries. It can also be packed and used for human consumption when size and shape are not a concern. The ice produced by our ice machines is more consistent, melts at a slower rate than other forms and has a low manufacturing cost. Our A&V Ice Machines are simple to operate, maintain, and install. It has no moving parts in the stainless steel ice making area. These characteristics have made our ice machines attain a great reputation and a reliable performance throughout the years. The A&V Ice Machines are proudly manufactured in stainless steel in the USA and shipped world-wide.

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997 S.E. 12th Street Hialeah, Florida 33010 USA
Hialeah, Florida 33010
United States

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Marcial Palencia (Sales)

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Telephone 1: +13058830733
Fax: +13058842588