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The Murmansk Trawl Fleet is one of the largest fishing companies in the country with which domestic industrial fishery began. The Trawl Fleet became a primogenitor of many enterprises of fishing industry of the North. Its vessels conduct active fishing in Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea, off-shores of Spitsbergen island, Jan-Mayen island, at the bank Reikjanis, off-shores Eastern Greenland, Faroe Islands, Marocco , Mauritania and in international waters of Atlantic ocean.The fleet works in different parts of the World ocean and catches the following species of fish: catfish, flounder, grenadier, tubfish, redfish, halibut, haddock, polar cod, capelin blue whiting, saithe, sardine, sardin, short-bodied sardine, Pacific sardine, Atlantic herring, mackerel, jack mackerel, cod, hake, Antarctic krill (Antarctic shrimp). Since July 2008 the fleet has been developing so called “krill project”. The aim is to produce feeding krill meal, edible krill oil concentrated with phospholipids and polyunsaturated fatty acids and also food substances (protein concentrate and biological active additives).

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Shmidt street 43
Murmansk, Murmansk region 183038
Russian Federation

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Alexey Pchelintsev (deputy chief of sales department)

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Telephone 1: +78152288121
Mobile: +79113393438
Fax: +78152288070