Xyrex Ltd

Business Description

Based in the UK (Scotland), Xyrex manufactures and markets a range of products designed to manage bacterial load in holding tanks, equipment and all processing areas both on and off shore. We believe in reducing wastage where possible as well as improving quality and shelf- life.We export worldwide via a network of distributors.

Xyrex Prawnfresh is a market leading sulphite free treatment for blackspot or melanocis in Prawn/ shrimp and langoustine. It inhibits the enzymes responsible for the onset of Blackspot, prolonging the shelflife and reducing wastage. Prawnfresh is non-toxic, non-corrossive, non-allergenic and safe to use. Approved for use in the E.U, U.S, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan to name but a few.

Fore more information on any of our products, customer testimonials or distributors details contact John Davis on +447712525413.

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65 Rodney St
Glasgow, Strathclyde G4 9SQ
United Kingdom

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John Davis (Director)

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Telephone 1: +44(0)870 402 0660
Mobile: +447712525413
Fax: +44(0)870 161 0104
Website: Xyrex Ltd

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Aquaculture Sector

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    • Fishing
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    • Retail

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Fishing Sector

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    • Hand gathering
    • Long lines
    • Creeling / Potting
    • Trawling
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    • Fresh fish/shellfish
    • Frozen fish/shellfish

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    • Exporting fish
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    • Fresh fish/shellfish
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    • Processed fish/shellfish

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Processing Sector

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    • Fresh fish/shellfish
    • Frozen fish/shellfish