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Ness & Co GmbH manufacture in Germany the world’s leading smokehouses for Fish smoking and processing. All Ness smokehouses as standard are capable of Smoking, Poaching, Roasting, Baking and Drying of Fish and all allied food products.

The unique combined horizontal and vertical air and smoke flow system, means that all our smokehouses are capable of processing either laying or hanging products, with equal efficiency. This has proved to be very beneficial to many of our customers who can combine 2 processes within one chamber.

All Ness smokehouses can be powered either by electric, high pressure steam, low pressure steam , oil or gas, making them the most versatile smokehouses available today.

The patented Circo-Dry and Circo smoke systems, mean that all Ness smokehouses do not emit any smoke to the outside atmosphere, making them the most environmentally friendly smokers available today.

With class leading companies already using Ness smokehouses, Ness are the no 1 choice for Fish smoking.

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Unit 19A, Shaw Lane Industrial Estate
Ogden Road
Doncaster, South Yorks DN2 4SQ
United Kingdom

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Terry Hill (Sales Manager)

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Telephone 1: +44-1302-321407
Mobile: +44-7778-743909
Fax: +44-1302-321390
Website: Ness UK

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