Navital (UK) Limited

Business Description

Navital UK Ltd was established in 1998 in Portavogie, Co.Down by its promoters to implement a programme of sustainable and environmentally friendly langoustine (Nephrops norvegicus) fishing and mussel (Mytilus edulis) farming. In 2002 Navital started a programme in conjunction with the Northern Ireland authorities to promote live holding technologies on langoustine trawlers. Recently, the company developed a technology which will allow for a combination of offshore mussel farming and the creation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). A new processing factory for live holding and purification of shellfish was commissioned in Portavogie, Co.Down in 2005.
Processor of live mussels (Mytilus edulis); live, fresh and frozen langoustines (Nephrops norvegicus); live brown crabs (Cancer pagurus); live lobsters (Homarus gammarus); live pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas); live flat oysters (Ostrea edulis); fresh and frozen scallop meat (Pecten maximus).

Contact Details

Business Address

The Harbour
1 Princess Anne Road
Portavogie, Down BT22 1DT
United Kingdom

Business Contact

Pieter van Ysseldijk (Man.director)

Contact Information

Telephone 1: +442842772557
Fax: +442842772717
Website: Navital (UK) Limited

Business Sectors & Categories

Aquaculture Sector

  • Cultivation method
    • Bottom culture (shellfish)
    • Suspended culture (shellfish)
    • Other
  • Product type
    • Fresh fish/shellfish
    • Frozen fish/shellfish
    • Processed fish/shellfish
    • Ready Meals
  • Sectors Supplied
    • Merchants
    • Processing
    • Retail

Business Sectors & Categories

Processing Sector

  • Customer type
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Supermarkets
    • Wholesalers
  • Process
    • Value added
    • Freezing
  • Product type
    • Fresh fish/shellfish
    • Frozen fish/shellfish
    • Processed fish/shellfish

  • Sectors Supplied
    • Aquaculture
    • Merchants
    • Retail

Fish Species


  • Atlantic razor clam (Ensis directus)
  • Atlantic scallop (Placopecten magellanicus)
  • Blue mussel (Mytilus edulis)
  • Brown crab (Cancer pagarus)
  • Clam (Ensis)
  • Crab (Cancer pagarus)
  • Devil crab (Necora puber)
  • Edible crab (Cancer pagarus)
  • European oyster (Ostrea edulis)
  • King scallop (Pecten maximus)
  • Langoustine (Nephrops norvegicus)
  • Lobster (Homarus americanus)
  • Lobster (Homarus)
  • Lobster (Homarus gammarus)
  • Mussel (Mytilus edulis)
  • Mussel (Mytilidae)
  • Native oyster (Ostrea edulis)
  • Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus)
  • Oyster (Crassostrea gigas)
  • Oyster (Ostrea)
  • Oyster (Ostrea edulis)
  • Scallop (Pecten maximus)
  • Sword razor (Ensis siliqua)
  • Velvet swimming crab (Necora puber)
  • Winkle (Littorina)

Business Certifications

HACCP Registered Certificate

Type: HACCP Registered

FSA Approved Fish / Shellfish Premises Certificate

Type: FSA Approved Fish / Shellfish Premises