Firestone Specialty Products

Business Description

Firestone Specialty Products manufactures high-quality, durable EPDM, reinforced EPDM, unsupported fPP, fPP-R and TPO geomembrane systems used in a wide variety of decorative and critical containment applications. All of our products lines are supported by a full line of accessories and our sales reps and global network of distributors provide unmatched level of service and support.

Our geomembrane lining systems offer many features and benefits to aquaculture producers including-
• Minimized fingerling loss due to the membrane’s lay flat characteristics
• Prevention of water leakage
• Increased stability of oxygen content
• Increased precision for medication
• Better control at feeding time
• Avoidance of contamination from the subgrade
• The membrane is easy to install and repair, when necessary

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250 West 96th Streete
Indianapolis, IN 46260
United States

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Jeff PanKonie (Market Busines Manager)

Contact Information

Telephone 1: 1-800-428-4200 x 57238
Telephone 2: 1-317-575-7238
Fax: 1-317-575-7002
Website: Firestone Specialty Products

Business Sectors & Categories

Equipment Sector

  • Control systems
    • Aquaculture
  • Hygiene
    • Process area linings
    • Wall claddings & coatings
  • Sectors Supplied
    • Aquaculture

  • Water quality
    • Management