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Trying to find suitable oil filtration equipment for an application on your vessel can be a difficult and daunting prospect.

C.C. Jensen offer filter units for filtration of engine lube oil, diesel fuel and hydraulic oil. The advantages of these units are that they are easy to install, simple to maintain and very competitively priced. They also offer one solution to three major problems, namely dirt/particulate, oxidation and water. The filters have the capability of removing dirt and particulate down to 3 microns. They can remove oxidation; the stuff that causes varnish in cylinder liners and sticky hydraulic valves. Our HDU FineFilters can remove moisture from the oil by absorption and the PTU FilterSeparators remove large volumes of water by means of coalescing the water out.

Removing particles, sludge and water from diesel fuel with our FilterSeparator units will extend the equipment life of fuel pumps, injectors and in-line filters, resulting in higher reliability, improved combustion and reduced fuel consumption.

By using our HDU FineFilter on the engine lube oil, we have found that this can prolong the life of engine parts by up to four times and extend the useable life of the oil, resulting in fewer oil changes.

With 80% of all breakdowns in hydraulic systems related to contaminated oil, oxidation or water ingress, the installation of a CJC FineFilter or FilterSeparator is the simplest way to reduce the risk of equipment failure and therefore lost time for fishing.

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Unit 26 Enterprise City
Meadowfield Avenue
Spennymoor, Co. Durham DL16 6JF
United Kingdom

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Sandy Mitchell (Sales Manager)

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Telephone 1: 01383 739608
Telephone 2: 01388 420721
Mobile: 07985 169654
Fax: 01383 739608
Website: C.C. Jensen Ltd.

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