Seafishdirectory has been created to save you time and help you to find new business.  It has been purpose-built for the fishing industry by British industry professionals and internet specialists.  

Our goal is to help your business to grow. We aim to have every business you need to work with listed on our site. That’s why we’re free to join and free to search – we want to attract as many members as possible. We also aim to make new business easy to find – which is why we spent two years developing and refining our database. We have built the site using state-of-the-art software and a dynamic database so that seafishdirectory can evolve and expand to meet your future needs.  

We are able to do all of this because seafishdirectory is run by an experienced and dynamic team, committed to delivering you a top-class service.

Our team

Jim Andrews is our Managing Director. Jim is a marine biologist who has been working with the fishing industry in the UK and abroad for over 17 years. He was the Chief Executive of the North Western and North Wales Sea Fisheries Committee for several years, and since leaving there he has set up his own thriving consulting company which helps fishing businesses to grow sustainably.

Andy Shawcross and Ron Edgcomb II are our website designers. Andy is based in the seaside town of Morecambe in Lancashire, where he runs Morecambe.net, and Ron is based in New Jersey where he runs the Greater Web Design Studio. Their trans-Atlantic experience of website development has been vital to the development of the site.

Jo Joinson heads up our membership and advertising team. Jo’s worked in marketing and advertising for 13 years, and she’s been busy recruiting members to the site before its launch. If you’re interested in advertising, you can find out more here.

Working together

Seafishdirectory depends very much on its members. We’re keen to get feedback so that the directory can evolve as it expands. If you like what you see (or if you think that there are things we could do better), let us know using the feedback form on our “contact us” page.


From the start, the security of our members’ information has been our top priority. Seafishdirectory is stored on our secure internet servers, and we use the same data encryption technology as banks.  We have also developed our own technology to protect your e-mail address and website details, because we hate getting spam e-mail as much as you do.